The Case Against Case Consolidation at Trial

As court systems are tightening their belts under the continued strain of budget cuts and the backlog of cases awaiting trial, some courts have attempted to solve this problem by consolidating cases.  That is, for a single trial, multiple plaintiffs claiming personal injury of a similar nature (for example, all have contracted mesothelioma) bring their […]

Post-Trial Interviews: How to Avoid a Minefield to Secure a Gold Mine of Information

Few resources offer more valuable information than post-trial interviews with jurors who just decided your case.  These post-trial interviews are especially beneficial in situations where litigation of a similar type or with similar themes is expected in the future.  The feedback jurors provide can include their reactions to key themes, arguments, witnesses, graphics, demonstratives and […]

Making the “Wow Factor” Work For You: Using Technology to Support Your Research Goals

Recently, one of our clients attended a CLE where a trial consultant was demonstrating the use of dial testing technology as a mechanism to receive mock juror feedback.  As some of you may be aware, during mock presentations when using this “clicker” technology, the participants in a jury research project individually turn their dials to […]

Dr. Merrie Jo Pitera, CEO and Jury Research Director, has been chosen as one of the 2010 “Women Who Mean Business” by the Kansas City Business Journal.

Her colleagues at Litigation Insights are proud to announce that Dr. Merrie Jo Pitera, CEO and Jury Research Director, has been chosen as one of the 2010 “Women Who Mean Business” by the Kansas City Business Journal.  This honor, bestowed annually upon only 25 of the top entrepreneurs and executives within the Kansas City metropolitan area, […]

Social Media Craze: How the Internet Is Changing Efforts to Preserve the Judicial Process with Prospective Jurors at Trial

We are in the last few minutes of a two-day jury selection when the lead defense counsel overhears one of the prospective jurors discussing with another juror the Google search she completed last night on our client, and how she was “surprised” by the number of links that came up.  Unfortunately, the judge had never […]

Devices Every Trial Team Must Have in the Courtroom

With more than 20 years of “hot seat” experience in courtrooms across the United States (and the USVI), our presentation technology teams have always employed the most capable and reliable equipment possible.  Our devices have been performance tested, sat on, dropped, had water/coffee spilled on them, etc, during a wide variety of trials, hearings, mock […]

BASIC RULES for Effective Courtroom Presentations

Entertaining storytelling doesn’t have to come with pictures.  I can recall listening (at a very young age) to radio theater and imagining the settings, the faces, the colors and the action from those remarkable voices and sound effects.  But pure entertainment was the objective then and, other than remembering the sponsor name/product, it was not […]

The Advantages to Having an SJQ and Increasing Your Chances of Having an SJQ Admitted at Trial

Obtaining insight into case-related juror attitudes and experiences is critical to making your jury deselection strikes count. The key to getting this information is a case-related trial supplemental juror questionnaire (SJQ). While gaining the acceptance of a supplemental juror questionnaire for trial is not guaranteed, there are several strategies that can be implemented to increase […]

Using The Story: The Importance Of Developing Memorable Themes

Why Themes are Important In our last Insights, we discussed how the way humans think in narratives affects jurors’ acceptance or rejection of a case at trial, and how to structure your case story to better comport with natural, human thinking.  In this issue, we explore the importance of using themes to convey information, given […]