At this time of year, we are thankful we can give back to our community!

  This year, Litigation Insights employees teamed up to volunteer and lend a hand in supporting three wonderful organizations and their annual events:  Wayside Waifs’ “Strutt With Your Mutt,” Operation Breakthrough’s “Farm Day” and The Salvation Army’s “Adopt-A-Family.”  Each of these organizations works in the Kansas City area to enhance the lives of our less […]

Ensuring Witness Attire Makes the Right Statement

While witnesses’ verbal and non-verbal behaviors affect their credibility, another factor in juror’s perceptions of them is their appearance.  Witnesses often ask us, “What should I wear when I testify in court?”  Of course it is important to remember that a courtroom is a very conservative arena; therefore, our golden rule for witness fashion is: […]

Using Microsoft Office’s Clipboard Tool within PowerPoint: Moving Slides from Presentation to Presentation with Ease

One of the most common challenges our clients face is taking slides from one PowerPoint presentation and putting them into another.  Most of the time it works just fine, but occasionally copying from one presentation and pasting into another will change elements of the slides.  The results can range from merely frustrating and unpleasant to […]

A View From the Jury Box: Managing Jurors’ Beliefs About Women Attorneys

In 19th century America, no one was concerned with gender bias in the courtroom because, well, there were no woman attorneys.  Few law schools were willing to enroll women let alone award diplomas to “the fairer sex.”  In 1875, the Wisconsin Supreme Court denied Lavinia Goodell admission to the state bar based on her gender.  […]

It’s All About Safety: Jurors’ Experiences and Attitudes about the Aviation Industry

Given jurors’ experiences with air travel in the last 10 years, one might wonder about their perceptions of the airlines, aircraft safety, government regulations, or to what standards they hold manufacturers and crew members.  Ultimately, all people’s experiences and attitudes color the way they perceive information, evidence and the story of your case.  These experiences […]

Courtroom Technology: The iPad – A Dynamic Visual Aid for the Litigator

Good storytellers incorporate visual elements to help convey their message and hold the audience’s attention.  Litigators use graphics and technology to reinforce themes, clarify case facts and explain complex issues.  Over our 27 years of courtroom and ADR experience there has been a significant evolution in visual communication technology from diagrams and photos on court-boards, […]

Part II: All Jury Consultants Are Not Created Equal: Do you have the Right Consultant for Your Research?

Part I Here All clients want to avoid a false positive result as they adversely affect counsels’ confidence in case strategies going forward.  How can you ensure your consultant’s methodology minimizes the likelihood of such results?  The following are some of the key questions you should ask prospective consultants to increase the likelihood that you […]

Part I: All Jury Consultants Are Not Created Equal: Do you have the Right Consultant for Your Research?

Valid and reliable jury research is more than just running focus groups.  In this and the next issue of Insights, we discuss the importance of choosing a jury research consultant whose methodological strengths match the goals for your research and the questions you need answered.  We will also explore additional considerations for your consultant search […]

Five of the Most Common Defense Case Vulnerabilities: Medical Products Liability Litigation and Beyond

Armed with the knowledge of the common plaintiff perspectives described below, there is much defense counsel can do in an effort to mitigate their effectiveness.  As early as discovery, and prior to being deposed by plaintiff counsel, both expert and fact witnesses can be given tools (e.g., thematic responses) to deal with tough questions that […]