Reflecting on Our 20 Years at Litigation Insights

As our 20th anniversary year comes to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the remarkable journey and the influences that paved the way for our success and longevity. From humble beginnings, Litigation Insights evolved into a full-service, nationally recognized leader in the trial consulting field. In a field once characterized by an adherence to […]

Why Receiving the Jury List in Advance of Trial is Important to Jury Selection

Although there are many logistical questions to be answered by the court in advance of voir dire, one of the most important questions we always ask when preparing for jury selection is, “When can we receive the jury list?” While some courts will give the list to the attorneys a week (or sometimes more) before […]

The Science Behind Creating a Mock Trial Jury Panel

It is one of the most common questions we get asked before deliberations during a Mock Trial or Focus Group: “How do you divide the juries for deliberations?”  There are many ways we could do it (Draw names out of a hat?  Draw numbers from a bingo cage?), but there is definitely a way that […]

Will Jurors Hold It Against Me If I Object (Too Much) At Trial?

There is some prevailing wisdom out there that holds if one side or the other objects a lot at trial, that side will appear as though they are trying to hide something, therefore causing a loss in credibility with jurors. We can certainly empathize with this question, as it’s one our clients are often asking […]

Confidentiality: A Look at the Best Way to Screen Jurors for a Mock Trial

Screening jurors during recruiting phone calls is, and should be, a top priority for every focus group or mock trial project. When jurors are called to participate in jury research, they complete a rigorous screening process intended to disqualify anyone who has ties to, or special interest in, one of the parties, witnesses, companies, or […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Litigation Insights

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, all of us here at Litigation Insights would like to take a little time to reflect on the things we are thankful for, and the ways we can give back to our community.  One thing we are all grateful for, is working for a company that encourages and allows us to take […]

Confidentiality and Online Jury Research: What are the Risks?

One of our clients’ top concerns is having the “other side” learn about the jury research or, worst, for the research to leak to the local media. While confidentiality can’t be guaranteed with any method of jury research (e.g., focus group, mock trial), without a doubt, confidentiality is the most difficult to control with online […]

The Limitations of Online Jury Research for Mock Trial Projects

(Part 2 of a 2 Part Series) As discussed in Part I of this series, the ultimate goal of sound jury research is to provide clients with juror feedback on their themes, arguments, witnesses and, when desired, a range of damages that could be expected at trial and the rationale behind jurors’ reactions to damages […]

When is an Online Mock Trial or Focus Group Right for My Case?

(Part 1 of a 2 Part Series) The recent trend and attraction of online jury research are difficult to resist for anyone considering conducting jury research. What’s not to like about online research? It’s easy to implement; it’s much cheaper than traditional jury research and, if time is short, it’s quicker to execute. For clients […]

What is the Best Monitor Viewing Angle for a Jury

When you go to set up audio/visual equipment in a courtroom, imagine yourself in a movie theatre. All movie theatres have one large screen for moviegoers to look at. You want jurors to have a similar experience. There should be one screen, and it should be large enough for all jurors to see. Unfortunately, not […]