Jury Research Education Series | Standard Deviation: What It Means & Why It’s Important

While onsite, the Litigation Insights team collects data that gives our clients an idea of how each juror is leaning, etc. For instance, at key junctures in the presentations, jurors complete short questionnaires designed to track their individual case leanings over the course of the day. At each juncture, we calculate the average case leaning […]

Jurors’ Attitudes Toward All Natural Food Labels

What do jurors expect when they see the label “all natural?” “All natural” has been showing up on food labels more and more, as have lawsuits about labeling.  Litigation Insights investigated how jurors respond to labeling and food product manufacturers by collecting survey data from jury eligibles nationwide.  A sampling of results are depicted below.  […]

Part III – Trial Graphic Fundamentals: Basic Tools to Master

This blog is the third in a series that focuses on the fundamentals of trial graphics. Its content is based on a program Adam Bloomberg, Litigation Insights’ Managing Director for Visual Communications, co-presented with Bryant Spann, Partner at Thomas Combs & Spann PLLC, at the 2014 Midyear Meeting of the International Association of Defense Counsel […]

Flying Blind in Jury Deselection: The Value of Social Networking Searches

There has been a lot of dialogue concerning social networking searches of a potential jury venire to learn more about the individual jurors.  Most of this discourse focuses on the ethics of such searches, which is an important consideration, and Litigation Insights only performs social searches following the ethical guidelines set out by the American […]