Witness Preparation: Beware of the Tricks Used to Encourage a Witness to Volunteer

Most witnesses do not understand the purpose of a deposition and believe their job is to teach the questioning attorney everything they know; indeed, many believe if they did any less, they “wouldn’t be telling the truth.” But a witness who talks too much, either in deposition or at trial, can be a liability because […]

A Picture Is Still Worth a Thousand Words – Especially If It’s 3D

Attorneys, like jury consultants, are definitely no strangers to complex litigation involving facts beyond the realm of a juror’s everyday experience. Working on such cases for years often means we may lose sight of the fact that the details and technical issues involved are not obvious to the average juror. Research shows the overwhelming benefits […]

Making the Case for the Benefits of Attorney-Conducted Voir Dire to Promote Juror Candor in Open Court

There is nothing that trial lawyers and jury consultants fear more than a “sleeper juror.” We’ve all been there – in the courtroom just before strikes are made – wondering if the juror who sat silently is concealing some deep-seeded prejudice against our clients, or worse, questioning whether the jurors who did speak did so […]

Jury Research Education Series | Developing a Juror Profile: Having a Strong Foundation

Ultimately, a panel of jurors will decide your case. Knowing as much as possible about those jurors is therefore a critical element of trial strategy. Developing a juror profile you can requires gathering information about the characteristics of pro-plaintiff/pro-defense jurors in a scientifically valid manner. Just asking staff at your firm or a group of […]

Part V – Trial Graphic Fundamentals: Coming Trends

This blog is the fifth and final in a series that focuses on the fundamentals of trial graphics. Its content is based on a program Adam Bloomberg, Litigation Insights’ Managing Director for Visual Communications, co-presented with Bryant Spann, Partner at Thomas Combs & Spann PLLC, at the 2014 Midyear Meeting of the International Association of Defense […]