When to Use a Surrogate Jurisdiction for a Mock Trial

Our clients frequently come to us with this question, “should we conduct our mock trial in the actual trial venue or in a surrogate jurisdiction?” In our experience at Litigation Insights, there are five primary considerations when making this decision: The type of case; The size of the jurisdiction; Confidentiality concerns (not having the other […]

How to Get the Judge to Accept a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire

We often have this conversation with our clients when it comes to a supplemental juror questionnaire. Here’s how the conversation goes some weeks before trial: LI Consultant: How about a supplemental juror questionnaire? Attorney: The judges around here will never go for that. LI Consultant: Have you ever asked for one? Attorney: No There is […]

How to Turn Financial Data into Trial Graphics to Tell a Story

Reading and understanding balance sheets, income statements or cash flow statements might be commonplace for you and your expert, but it’s not for the average juror. Most jurors find this type of data dry and difficult to understand. Unless your jurors have some background in finance or own their own businesses, chances are financial reports […]

How To Help a Jury Understand Complex Litigation

We hear this quite a bit from our clients. An attorney, when introducing us to his pending complex litigation matter, tells us upfront, “This is a complicated case.” It’s code for, “I don’t think jurors will understand this case.” We hear it again in opening statements: “This is a complicated case.” So now, the attorney […]