What Does Adding a “Hot Seat” Operator to My Trial Team Cost?

Fifteen years ago there was a very small group of hot seat operators that were competent and trustworthy enough to run your technology in the courtroom. These days there are a lot of well-qualified hot seat operators across the country. This isn’t just an IT professional sitting behind a computer; this is a significant role […]

How Long Should Closing Arguments Last in a Trial?

Toward the end of a grueling, contentious, four-month-long insurance coverage trial, I was summoned to the courtroom by the trial team. They were in the midst of a conference with the judge and the other side, addressing the logistics of closings. “The other side wants to close for an entire day. Should we give it […]

Effective Witness Preparation, Miss America, and the Essence of Communication

When talking to witnesses at the start of our witness preparation sessions, we always tell them that the lessons learned in the process will help them communicate beyond the courtroom and into their everyday and business lives. That is, the themes and strategies necessary to be an effective witness translate directly into the workplace, in […]

The Key to Finding the Best Courtroom Technology Consultant Every Time

Many people think finding courtroom technology consultants or “hot seat” operators is easy to do. After all, anyone can run a presentation with a few PowerPoint slides for a couple of days during a trial. Yet, few trials are quite that simple. When the stakes are high and the demands are numerous, you need someone […]

Do Jurors Really Follow the Jury Instructions?

“Jurors must decide cases based on the laws as they are and not as the jurors might like them to be.” This quote from the Montgomery County’s Court of Common Pleas’ website nicely summarizes how juries are supposed to decide cases. Jurors must put aside their feelings and follow the law as explained by the […]

When Will Jurors Find the Plaintiff Sympathetic?

No two plaintiffs are alike, and neither is the sympathy two plaintiffs will generate from jurors hearing their individual stories in a case. Which plaintiffs do jurors have sympathy for? What affects juror sympathy for a plaintiff? What is the best way to identify jurors who may be more sympathetic? In this post, we explore […]