Jurors’ Attitudes Toward All Natural Food Labels

What do jurors expect when they see the label “all natural?” “All natural” has been showing up on food labels more and more, as have lawsuits about labeling.  Litigation Insights investigated how jurors respond to labeling and food product manufacturers by collecting survey data from jury eligibles nationwide.  A sampling of results are depicted below.  […]

Jurors’ Attitudes Toward Japanese Corporations

Products and companies from Japan have had a substantial impact on the American Economy and consumers, but does our embrace of Japanese products have implications for our opinions of Japanese corporations?  Can American jurors impartially assess a case involving a foreign corporation?  Or will they instead exhibit in-group bias in favor of an American plaintiff?  […]

Jurors’ Attitudes Toward the Pharmaceutical Industry

With the vast number of prescription drugs on the market, pharmaceutical companies are one of the largest industries in the United States. But do the ubiquitous television ads for drugs – and the television ads for lawsuits against certain drugs – lead to greater awareness of the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. or toward more […]

Jurors’ Evaluation of Financial Industry Defendants During a Recession

Slowly coming away from the most recent recession, almost all Americans have found that they’ve been affected by the slumping economy in some way or another. Interested in examining how the past six years has affected juror bias, Litigation Insights conducted a nationwide survey of mock jurors to assess their attitudes toward banks, financial institutions […]

Jurors’ Attitudes Toward the Aviation Industry

At Litigation Insights, we’ve developed a survey that we administered to juror-eligible respondents across the county to assess their attitudes concerning the aviation industry. From government regulation and safety standards, to the performance of TSA and the FAA, we polled jurors’ attitudes toward the aviation industry to help us better understand how a potential juror […]