Is It Ethical to Research Jurors Online during Jury Selection?

With limited time and opportunity to question jurors during voir dire, attorneys are increasingly turning to jury consulting firms to conduct online research in hopes of learning more about the people who may be deciding their cases.  Internet research of a jury panel can produce a wealth of information – information that jurors may not be forthcoming or candid about during voir dire, information that the judge may deem […]

Flying Blind in Jury Deselection: The Value of Social Networking Searches

There has been a lot of dialogue concerning social networking searches of a potential jury venire to learn more about the individual jurors.  Most of this discourse focuses on the ethics of such searches, which is an important consideration, and Litigation Insights only performs social searches following the ethical guidelines set out by the American […]

Social Media Craze: How the Internet Is Changing Efforts to Preserve the Judicial Process with Prospective Jurors at Trial

We are in the last few minutes of a two-day jury selection when the lead defense counsel overhears one of the prospective jurors discussing with another juror the Google search she completed last night on our client, and how she was “surprised” by the number of links that came up.  Unfortunately, the judge had never […]

New Insights for Jury Profiling and Online Socialization

In this age of Internet technology and increasingly-popular social networking sites such as MySpace,[1] Facebook and LinkedIn, gathering information on individuals within any given jury pool is both easier and, at the same time, more complex.  Collecting information on potential jurors now expands far beyond the “postcards” traditionally submitted to the court.  While questionnaires provide […]