How Much Money Does Someone Earn for Participating in a Mock Trial? | Jury Research Education Series


A Penny for Your Thoughts?  Mock Trial/Focus Group Compensation

The amount of money a person can earn for his or her participation in a mock trial or focus group varies widely. When planning for compensating participants for a mock trial, a few factors determine the level of compensation to expect. Certainly the geographic location a project is being held can impact the amount jurors are paid. That is, jurors from the East/West coast (e.g., New York City, Los Angeles) tend to receive a higher rate per hour than their counterparts from the Midwest/South (e.g., Kansas City, Birmingham). Even differences between the size of cities (large v. small) with the same state can make a difference. Lastly, of course, the number of hours/days a project spans affects the price (e.g., half-day test is paid less than a full-day project).

Like other professional trial consulting firms, at Litigation Insights, we believe the amount we’re paying mock trial participants should be enough money to make it worth his/her while to take time away from work. Otherwise, you run the risk of procuring a vastly demographically different panel than what is expected at trial.

Now, let’s talk actual dollar figures: The approximate average compensation litigation consulting firms offer participants for a one-day mock trial or focus group can range between $200 to $250.


By: Jessica Baer, M.A. – Consultant




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