Worth a thousand words.

Graphics are worth a thousand words. Compelling graphics and animations help you tell your story.

trial-graphics-consultingThe right trial graphics consultant can help you explain your case and position much faster than words alone. Dynamic charts, graphs, and illustrations have a major impact.

Our Visual Communications team knows how to connect with jurors using the right images and animations. We support you and your witnesses with concept development, design, and the creation of trial imagery that tells your story. A well-designed and executed graphics collection will help you:

  • Clarify and reinforce trial themes;
  • Increase the retention of details; and
  • Enhance message consistency, coherence and comprehension.

Your trial consultant develops and tests the designs with you and mock decision makers before they’re presented in court. We carefully edit the words and images to make sure they leave the best impression. Stop stressing over your presentation, and let us ensure your information is thorough and easy to understand. Rather than tell you, let us show you. For more information on our process, contact a trial graphics consultant at Litigation Insights today. We’re ready to get started in your case!

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