The science and art of choosing a jury for your case.

We bring you third-party perspective and jury selection expertise.

Photo Of Architectural Detail - Litigation InsightsChoosing a jury for your case is both a science and an art. Seating a jury can make or break your case, even before one word of argument or testimony is uttered. It is important to identify those jurors sitting in the box who will listen to your story. Our jury consulting services bring you third-party perspective and jury selection expertise.

We can be in the courtroom with you, and behind the scenes, studying profiles, developing questionnaires and helping you select the best jurors for the case. We are experienced in drafting the critical questions so you can make the most effective use of cause challenges and peremptory strikes. During jury deselection we help you:

  • Develop criteria and questionnaires (with court approval) to determine which jurors are likely proponents and which ones are opponents;
  • Conduct social media research on prospective jurors to uncover additional key information;
  • Develop questions for voir dire to uncover further biases; and
  • Make deselection decisions in court.

When your trial begins, we help observe and report on jury reactions so you can tailor your case accordingly. If you’d like to learn more about our jury consulting services, contact Litigation Insights today. Our experienced jury consultants can make sure you choose your jury carefully and that you choose well.

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