Keep the spotlight on you and your message.

IMG_7390_PlaceholderWith trial presentation technology from Litigation Insights, you can keep the spotlight on you and your message. We handle the trial presentation technology details so you can concentrate solely on your case. Your exhibits, video clips, and demonstratives must look good, sound good, and work as they’re designed to work. We live by the mantra that a presentation is only successful when it is fast, reliable, and redundant. We help you with the three main elements of a successful presentation:

  • The right story. We review your materials with you to make sure you have all the key parts of your evidence and story assembled.
  • The right software and hardware. We place your story or exhibit content in the best software and hardware devices so they display quickly and clearly.
  • The right delivery.  We drive the software and hardware elements of your presentation and keep everything on track.

Well-designed graphics and animations that support focused trial themes make a big difference, and we can make sure they make a positive impact. Good graphics should engage, educate, and persuade in a storytelling format that appeals to jurors. The best graphics and animations will:

Li_CircleImage_DSC_1980-414x274The best graphics and animations will:

  • Clarify important case details
  • Reinforce case themes and keywords
  • Ensure consistent and compelling communications throughout trial

Our consultants have been involved in hundreds of trials and have thousands of hours of trial preparation and war room experience. Our illustration and graphic design skills are second to none and we have the work and references to prove it. Let us share them with you. Contact us today to learn more about our trial presentation technology and graphic design services.

We run your show from the “hot seat.”

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