How Do I Get Jurors to Reveal Their Biases?

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, it is important to use voir dire as a tool for identifying your worst jurors while hiding you best jurors, and eliciting bias and obtaining cause challenges should be the primary objective.  In a previous blog, we offered techniques for cause sequencing, which is the series of questions that will lead […]

Making the Case for the Benefits of Attorney-Conducted Voir Dire to Promote Juror Candor in Open Court

There is nothing that trial lawyers and jury consultants fear more than a “sleeper juror.” We’ve all been there – in the courtroom just before strikes are made – wondering if the juror who sat silently is concealing some deep-seeded prejudice against our clients, or worse, questioning whether the jurors who did speak did so […]

Voir Dire Strategy: Sacrificing Your Queen

In chess, your queen is a valuable piece that you want to protect, but there are times when strategically it makes sense to sacrifice your queen to gain a tactical advantage. The same can be true during attorney-conducted voir dire. There are times when it is very clear that a juror is the best juror […]