Trial Technology: What Has & Hasn’t Changed in Nearly Two Decades

I recently stumbled across an article I co-authored about 17 years ago for the National Law Journal with fellow journeyman and litigation consultant, Stan Sandstrom.  It was entitled, “An Ancient Art Jazzed by High Tech.” It brought me back.  I remembered that when we wrote it, I had just a few high-profile cases under my belt. Of course, now over a decade and a half […]

One of The Most Effective (But Most Underrated) Trial Graphics of All Time

Checklists. Pilots use checklists before takeoffs to ensure that critical items are not forgotten. Doctors use checklists for simple patient procedures as well as major operations to avoid mistakes. In fact, we all use lists – it is human nature. In our hectic, distraction-filled lives, all kinds of lists help us get organized. Whether it’s […]