Does Court-Provided Audiovisual Equipment Help or Hinder?

Courtrooms new and old across the United States are being outfitted with some of the latest audiovisual equipment.  Lots of time and money have been spent planning the best equipment to install, where to install it and how the judge will control it. With that said, the setup is often designed around the judge’s view […]

4 Trial Prep Lessons (and a Few Idiosyncrasies) of Great Trial Attorneys

We’ve worked with many superstar trial attorneys over the years and recently asked a number of them to reveal some of the things without which they would never enter the war room or courtroom. Whether completely practical or endearingly superstitious, their responses invariably tied back to two things every attorney needs going into trial – […]

What are the Best Types of Clothes for Lawyers to Wear in the Courtroom?

Everyone wants to look their best when standing before a group of people, and lawyers are no exception. At trial, counsel is going to be getting up before the same group of people (the judge and jury) day after day and, understandably, wants to make a good impression. And effective impression management is important as […]

The Best Time to Prepare Your Trial Graphics

Each new case brings a special pressure you know all too well: budgeting your time and your client’s money efficiently and effectively. Along the way, crucial elements, such as your trial graphics, may fall by the wayside, but waiting too long to begin work on them may prove costly. Given their persuasive and communicative power […]

What is the Best Monitor Viewing Angle for a Jury

When you go to set up audio/visual equipment in a courtroom, imagine yourself in a movie theatre. All movie theatres have one large screen for moviegoers to look at. You want jurors to have a similar experience. There should be one screen, and it should be large enough for all jurors to see. Unfortunately, not […]

Voir Dire Strategy Tips: What Not To Do in Voir Dire

Most articles about voir dire discuss what you should do during this process – e.g., build rapport, identify bias, prime your themes – but you don’t often read about what not to do. As you read this, you will wonder, “What skilled lawyer would make such a mistake?” But that is exactly what it is […]

BASIC RULES for Effective Courtroom Presentations

Entertaining storytelling doesn’t have to come with pictures.  I can recall listening (at a very young age) to radio theater and imagining the settings, the faces, the colors and the action from those remarkable voices and sound effects.  But pure entertainment was the objective then and, other than remembering the sponsor name/product, it was not […]