Active Shooter Premises Liability: What Are Jurors’ Expectations of Safety?

Time and time again, the American public reels from the traumas of mass shootings. Virginia Tech, Aurora, Pulse Night Club, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs Church, and, just last month, Stoneman Douglas – all fatal shootings we’ve heard and read about, occurring in different places, at different times of day, and targeting different people. The frequency […]

Why Storytelling is Your Best Defense

The Problem As we know all too well, plaintiffs often have a ready-made underdog tale in civil trials:  David (their client) against Goliath (your client).  And nobody roots for Goliath. That’s strike one against you, before you even start.  Add in the fact that many jurors assume your client must have done something wrong if […]

Take this to the bank: Jurors’ evaluations of financial industry defendants during a recession – Published Article

At Litigation Insights, in order to provide our clients with the best possible case assessments, we continue to conduct research and surveys to determine jurors’ attitudes toward current issues that will be important to them in trials across various fields.  In the following article, published in DRI’s, For the Defense magazine, we wanted to evaluate […]