When Is It Best to Conduct a Follow-Up Jury Research Project?

You hire the jury consultant. You do the test. You learn a lot. Then, the consultant recommends a follow-up test. Your immediate reaction might be, “Of course you think there should be multiple tests; you’re the jury consultant….” We get that. But lest you worry that we’re just pursuing our own self-interest on your dime, […]

The Science Behind Creating a Mock Trial Jury Panel

It is one of the most common questions we get asked before deliberations during a Mock Trial or Focus Group: “How do you divide the juries for deliberations?”  There are many ways we could do it (Draw names out of a hat?  Draw numbers from a bingo cage?), but there is definitely a way that […]

How Much Money Does Someone Earn for Participating in a Mock Trial? | Jury Research Education Series

A Penny for Your Thoughts?  Mock Trial/Focus Group Compensation The amount of money a person can earn for his or her participation in a mock trial or focus group varies widely. When planning for compensating participants for a mock trial, a few factors determine the level of compensation to expect. Certainly the geographic location a […]

Jury Research Education Series | Developing a Juror Profile: Having a Strong Foundation

Ultimately, a panel of jurors will decide your case. Knowing as much as possible about those jurors is therefore a critical element of trial strategy. Developing a juror profile you can requires gathering information about the characteristics of pro-plaintiff/pro-defense jurors in a scientifically valid manner. Just asking staff at your firm or a group of […]

Jury Research Education Series | Standard Deviation: What It Means & Why It’s Important

While onsite, the Litigation Insights team collects data that gives our clients an idea of how each juror is leaning, etc. For instance, at key junctures in the presentations, jurors complete short questionnaires designed to track their individual case leanings over the course of the day. At each juncture, we calculate the average case leaning […]