What’s on Employees’ Minds? Employee Rights, Pay, & Government Regulation

Most jurors are employed, either as contractors, employees, or self-employed.  What are their workplace concerns these days?  Do they feel protected?  Do they believe their pay is fair? Understanding how jurors’ employment needs and concerns have changed (or not changed) is critical in assessing the risks in your employment litigation.  Will jurors identify with the […]

How Jurors’ Attitudes About Gender and Age Discrimination in the Workplace Affect Your Case

What matters more – jurors’ discrimination experiences or their attitudes? Or are both critical? Imagine you are in jury selection and have a juror who directly experienced workplace discrimination. You have another juror who has witnessed others’ experience with workplace discrimination. And yet another who harbors the belief that gender discrimination is ingrained in today’s […]

When Will Jurors Find the Plaintiff Sympathetic?

No two plaintiffs are alike, and neither is the sympathy two plaintiffs will generate from jurors hearing their individual stories in a case. Which plaintiffs do jurors have sympathy for? What affects juror sympathy for a plaintiff? What is the best way to identify jurors who may be more sympathetic? In this post, we explore […]