How to Get the Judge to Accept a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire

We often have this conversation with our clients when it comes to a supplemental juror questionnaire. Here’s how the conversation goes some weeks before trial: LI Consultant: How about a supplemental juror questionnaire? Attorney: The judges around here will never go for that. LI Consultant: Have you ever asked for one? Attorney: No There is […]

SJQ: Making Changes to an Existing Juror Questionnaire

In previous issues of Insights, we have discussed the value of having a trial supplemental juror questionnaire (SJQ) and some strategies for improving the likelihood an SJQ will be accepted in a case. Sometimes, however, the question is not whether we should create an SJQ for use in trial, but how best to repurpose an […]

Jury Research Education Series | Developing a Juror Profile: Having a Strong Foundation

Ultimately, a panel of jurors will decide your case. Knowing as much as possible about those jurors is therefore a critical element of trial strategy. Developing a juror profile you can requires gathering information about the characteristics of pro-plaintiff/pro-defense jurors in a scientifically valid manner. Just asking staff at your firm or a group of […]

The Three C’s: Making the Case for a Written Trial Questionnaire

When a potential juror exhibits that he or she may not be able to make a fair and impartial assessment of your case, a cause challenge is (or should be) made. But what if you are not getting the information you need to make the all-important decision as to whether a cause challenge is warranted? […]

The Advantages to Having an SJQ and Increasing Your Chances of Having an SJQ Admitted at Trial

Obtaining insight into case-related juror attitudes and experiences is critical to making your jury deselection strikes count. The key to getting this information is a case-related trial supplemental juror questionnaire (SJQ). While gaining the acceptance of a supplemental juror questionnaire for trial is not guaranteed, there are several strategies that can be implemented to increase […]

Arguing Hardship: You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Jury selection is quickly approaching, the panel is large and the trial is scheduled to last over the course of several weeks.  The judge has allowed counsel to submit a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire that contains questions regarding hardship and those hardship claims will be considered prior to the start of jury selection.  While it is […]

Voir Dire Check List

We have all shared this experience.  Jury selection is at 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.  It is Sunday night and the national trial team, lead by an attorney from out of town, is meeting to discuss voir dire and jury selection.  A jury consultant is present, meeting local counsel for the first time.  Time is precious, […]