Why Us?

Real Help

It’s Why Clients Hire Us

judicial scaleOur clients hire us when their cases are complex, difficult and unclear. They bring us in when issues are volatile, emotions are high and millions of dollars are at risk. We’re asked to consult on tough litigation because we’ve seen so many tough cases and, more importantly, we’ve provided valuable insights.

Genuine help, in the form of useful information and critical thinking, is what we deliver. We pitch in and figure things out with you. We help you develop the best themes, select the best juries, and prepare the best witnesses.

Just how do we provide real help?

  • We listen.  We want to know what you are trying to accomplish and how we can support you in your goals.
  • We customize.  We use our social science training to create test designs that strive to match what you expect at trial so you can rely on what you learn from our research projects.  We minimize false positives so you have more confidence in the results.
  • Useful data analysis & Meaningful solutions.  We interpret the data in meaningful ways for your trial prep and offer thematic and strategic solutions that resonate with members of the jury.
  • Visual storytelling.  From years of experience and hundreds of engagements, we know the right combination of words and images to use for meaning and memorability.
  • Calm under fire.  Litigation preparation and trials themselves require long periods of concentration and level-headed thinking. We are a steady and dependable resource.

Litigation Support ServicesThe above points sound simple, but they are difficult to execute. Our clients have said many nice things about our work and results and you can read client success stories here. In a nutshell, here’s what you’ll hear from our clients:  We pay attention to everything, we’re easy to work with, and we deliver the best findings.

Our difference is the help and the results we provide. We’re ready to help you.