Our Story

We help you learn the most and know the most.

Looking to gain an edge in your cases?

Subtle differences and slight variations in details and themes can give you a persuasive advantage.

And that’s how we can help. We scrutinize your case detail; we test ideas, concepts and themes, and help you design, develop and present the most influential stories to resonate with jurors and decision makers.

At Litigation Insights, a national, certified women-owned company (WBENC), we help our clients prepare their best cases. And we’ve done it consistently for many years.  We understand the challenges of finding the key issues in a case, developing themes around them and communicating them with clarity and precision. When we work with you, your case is our case. We take ownership and we see it through to the finish.

We’re dedicated to finding the most effective case themes and communication strategies for you. We strive for stories that are simple, credible and resonate with jurors, judges and arbitrators.

We bring you the highest levels of critical thinking using early case assessment methodologies, surveys, jury research and witness preparation expertise that deliver for our clients. These clients include 43 Fortune 500 companies, and dozens of firms in the Am Law 100. We’re proud of this distinguished client list and we are grateful for their business and trust in us.

Image Of Litigation Consultants Books - Litigation InsightsIf you ask our clients, they will tell you about our pre-trial and trial evaluations. They’ll also say we have some of the most conscientious and accomplished litigation consultants they’ve ever worked with.

We have four guiding principles that inspire our work for you:

  • Candor – We provide you the unvarnished facts and opinions of your case. Whether positive or negative, we communicate our findings to you with the utmost clarity and honesty.
  • Talent – We build our team with the best people. We attract people with winning attitudes who are prepared to go the extra mile. On average, our consultants have over 10,000 hours of litigation consulting experience.
  • Perseverance – Our determination, patience and creativity are focused on your unique needs, and we stay the course to help you achieve your desired outcome.
  • Effectiveness – We provide the most useful and insightful information that can be gleaned from the research.  We give you facts and opinions that strengthen your case.

We want to help you do your best work, make the best decisions and be the most persuasive every time.

Gain a competitive edge by adding us to your litigation team.