Bart H. Williams

Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP

“Dr. Marinakis and the entire team at Litigation Insights are first rate.  I’ve worked with many jury consultants over the years and I can honestly say that their post-focus group reports are the best I’ve ever seen.  The trial theme recommendations are thoughtful, concise and trial ready.  I have hesitated over the years to use consultants during the jury selection process itself, but my experience working with Dr. Marinakis and Dr. Rowland for my last trial – a complete victory in as hostile an environment for a defendant as I’ve been in – has changed my mind.  I can’t imagine what I would have done without LI.”



William M. Toles

Partner, Fee, Smith, Sharp & Vitullo, LLP

“As any trial lawyer knows, picking a jury is where cases are won and lost. I recently tried a case in a VERY rural county in Texas and one of the reasons I obtained a unanimous defense verdict was the assistance of Adam Bloomberg. Adam was very helpful in preparing deposition clips and assisting with all of my audio visual needs during trial. This preparation started prior to trial. When Adam was not assisting with trial prep in my office, he was always a phone call or text away. Adam was also very helpful with strategy as far as demonstrative exhibits and themes during closing argument. I definitely plan on using Adam again.”



Charles E. Finberg

National Coordinating Counsel

“I am thankful to have had Dr. Marinakis and her team at LI working with us.  Even though I’ve been practicing for 32 years, I’d never even thought of evaluating jurors integrally with the profile of the client trial lawyer in mind!  From the focus group, jury selection, and post-trial interviews, one obvious conclusion which emerges to me is the key role that they played in our victory.  Of this you can be sure: I strongly support getting their help in every case we can, and I recommend the same to anyone.”


thomas-schroyerThomas J. Schroyer

Attorney, Moss & Barnett

“I defend complex financial cases that need to be visually translated for lay judges and jurors who are totally mystified by the facts and the team at Litigation Insights has always delivered understandable and compelling graphics.  Just as importantly, in the process of building the presentation, the creative ideas of the Litigation Insights team have proven invaluable for my understanding of the case, as well.  Their team is professional, easy to work with and always sensitive to our budget – and always delivers on time.”


Jerry Blackwelljerry-blackwell

Founding Partner and Chairman, Blackwell Burke P.A.

“When you have to go to trial, you want team partners who are smart, cool under pressure,  and a cut above the competition in delivery.  I’ve worked with Litigation Insights for 16 years because  they are all of these things.  Even in trial they point out significant things a team of lawyers sometimes misses.  Litigation Insights is strong in all phases of the game and you will not go wrong with them.”


mark-SolheimMark A. Solheim

Partner, Larson King, LLP

“Larson King’s trial lawyers have worked with the professionals at Litigation Insights since 1998.  We continue to work with Litigation Insights because they are responsive, creative, thoughtful and always prepared in whatever project is assigned to them.  They have an uncanny ability to develop persuasive demonstratives for use at mediations, motions and trial.  They are also exceptional in helping with thematic development and jury selection across the country.

They have our unequivocal recommendation.”


john-lawlerJohn F.X. Lawler

Partner, Prince Lobel Tye LLP

“I have used other jury consultants and they pale in comparison to my experience working with Litigation Insights.  LI helped us use the information from our mock trial to hone our case strategy which garnered a great result for our client.  Their presentation technology consultant at trial never missed a beat.  He allowed us to be efficient and stay focused.”


Stephen-torlineStephen J. Torline

Shareholder, Kuckelman Torline Kirkland Lewis

“For the last 5 years, we have worked with the professionals at Litigation Insights on a variety of “high-value” and significant cases involving toxic torts, consumer fraud, insurance coverage and engineering malpractice/construction defect.  In these cases, we asked Litigation Insights to provide their expertise with a variety of tasks including the development of themes, mock trials, focus groups, jury selection, trial presentation, preparation of demonstrative exhibits and computer graphics/animation to help us both mediate and try these cases to very successful resolutions for our clients.  If you have a challenging case, an investment in Litigation Insights’ expertise is definitely worth it.”




Principal, Miles & Stockbridge

“Litigation Insights is on the money when it comes to reading a person or situation. They help me find juries with the right listening skills, attention spans and personality profiles that fit me and my communication style.”



Partner, Thomas Combs & Spann

“The courtroom setting is difficult enough without having to worry about loading and pacing presentation materials. Litigation Insights makes sure that things run smoothly. They’re an important extension of our trial team.”




Giffen & Kaminski LLC

“The firm name, “Litigation Insights” is apt!  Their consultant, Christina Marinakis, proposed creative ideas and tailored the themes to our jurisdiction and to my style, making me a better trial attorney. I will certainly be using their services in my next jury trial.”




Partner, Walsworth – WFBC, LLP

“The defense verdict was possible because we convinced the jury that the plaintiff’s theories were not physically possible. The quality and clarity of the Litigation Insights trials graphics helped us win this case. It was critical to have them on board.”


cipiti-round-clientNICHOLAS CIPITI

Partner, Walsworth – WFBC, LLP

“After an eight week trial, the jury had the clarity it needed to reach a defense verdict in less than a day of deliberations. From juror interviews, we learned that the jury had relied upon and understood our case because of the excellent graphics we used. Litigation Insights partnered with us not only in creating the trial graphics, but also helped us present a convincing, illustrative Opening Statement and Closing Argument. Because the jury was able to firmly grasp the technical details from the defense case, it was able to make the right call.”


Texaco KristiKristi L. Hamlin

Counsel, Chevron

“What really distinguishes Litigation Insights from everyone else is their work product.  They distill everything you discover during the project and provide excellent summaries and recommendations.  They tell you what you need to focus on and what you need to avoid.  They don’t hesitate to have honest and direct conversations about their findings and their opinions.  We want solid critical thinking from our litigation consultants.  That’s what we pay for and that’s what we get from them.  They are by far the most useful project summaries by a litigation consultant I’ve ever seen.”

“Merrie Jo and her team at Litigation Insights are excellent at getting our witnesses ready.  They can take okay witnesses and make them great, and they can take good witnesses and make them even better.  Our witnesses really appreciate the guidance and it has made them more confident and effective.”


John R. AllisonJohn R. Allison

Former Assistant General Counsel, 3M Company

“As 3M’s senior litigation manager and as a lawyer in private practice, I had the opportunity to work with many of the professionals at Litigation Insights on several complex, high-profile cases between 1995 and 2011.  I consistently found the members of the Litigation Insights team to be thoughtful, creative and easy to work with.  Litigation Insights brings extraordinary skill and expertise to the critical tasks of litigation theme development, jury selection and jury persuasion.”


joe priceJOE PRICE

Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels

“I have used every one of their services – jury consulting, case theme development, witness preparation and graphics.   It’s nice to have all of this expertise available from one firm.  Working with [them] is efficient and convenient.”



Michael T. Nilan

Shareholder, Nilan Johnson Lewis PA

“I have used Litigation Insights’ jury research on almost every major case I have tried in the last 15 years. Their research analysis has invariably helped to understand how a jury is likely to view our case and also how to further refine our themes to better connect with the jury.”


william r. sampsonWILLIAM R. SAMPSON

Partner, Shook Hardy & Bacon

“Litigation Insights is in tune [with jurors] in a practical way; but they are scholars as well.  This lends weight to their opinions and makes their recommendations more persuasive.  They are forthright, they communicate directly, they have a wonderful work ethic, and they ‘get it.’”


SmithScott A. Smith

Smith Legal PLLC

“Merrie Jo and her team at Litigation Insights are terrific.  I’ve worked with her on 6-8 mock jury or trial consultant projects over the last decade and more, and many of my partners have used her on others.  The exercises are well-designed and well-executed, her data analyses and presentations are rich with information, and — perhaps the best part — she will typically work with the legal team to hone the case messaging and strategies based on the exercise results.  Not too many consultants are willing to do that.  She’s helped me prep the impossible witness more than once and does that well too.  And her team has been with her for what seems forever, thus leading to very reliable service.  Excellent results for excellent value. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”


L. JonesLindy D. Jones

Partner, Jones Allen & Fuquay L.L.P.

“Litigation Insights was a major factor in a recent trial resulting in a multi-million dollar verdict.  With extensive e-discovery, documents can be difficult to use effectively, particularly before a jury.  To have the document on the overhead for the jury within seconds, the relevant portion highlighted, and enlarged, made cross-examination much more effective.  The jury confirmed that with the verdict and with their post-judgment comments.  Adam Bloomberg was most helpful in preparing exhibits, charts, timelines, and other demonstrative aids.  Responding so promptly and efficiently during the time constraints of a long trial were most appreciated and productive.  We will use Litigation Insights on our next involved trial for the advantage it gives us.”


M.McLainMatthew T. Mclain

Partner, Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P.

“We recently retained Litigation Insights on a significant commercial matter in Collin County, TX.  We were impressed by their ability to quickly learn our case themes and create tutorial graphics to assist the jurors in understanding how the mortgage lending process works and how it applied to this particular case. At trial their technology consultant was able to quickly bring up documents and video clips and make last second changes which was critical since the judge imposed very strict time limits for the presentation of evidence.”